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The Internet Broadcasting Network is, The iB Network, Success Radio USA, and Sound-Word Broadcasting



The iB Network is an internet radio station based in Colorado Springs, that hosts and produces internet radio shows, and broadcast them locally, nationally and internationally over the web. We are one of Colorado Springs premier internet radio networks and are continuing to grow in listenership and content Via Facebook LIVE, Tunein Radio, Itunes Radio, and Soundcloud. Show Line up: Call to hear our daily show schedule, signup for show reminders, or listen via phone 1-563-999-0627


Success Radio USA will be providing you with positive listening 24/7 to success oriented professionals, entrepreneurs, team builders, and business leadership just like you across the United States. Monday-Sunday


Sound-Word Broadcasting is dedicated to producing, sharing and syndicating spiritually rich audio content through the power of internet. We are a Christian internet radio station headquarterd in Colorado Springs. Browse through our show line up, read show descriptions, and discover new programing. You can also enjoy on demand listening by following the links to our Tunein pages for all our shows. Radio, Podcasts, and Live Streams.

Welcome to the iB Network

Listening leads to happiness… So be happy.


Entertainment on The iB Network
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Tech Talk Colorado

Joint Tom and Rena Clark on Teck Talk Colorado. Find out what is happening in the world of Technology.  Tech Talk Colorado is the go to place to get the lasted information and how it can impact you.  Find out about solutions to problems, tips, and useful info that can help you improve how you use technology in your daily life.

New Shows Thursdays (Rebroadcasts daily)

11:00 AM  MST 5:00 PM 24/7 MST

Adventure Alley

If you are the kind of person who insists on using the grill year around, a winter storm is an official notification to get out the snowmobiles, and you would rather be swopping fish stories in the garage with your neighbor over a cold beer rather than cleaning out a sock drawer, then this is the place for you.  Join Dave Alley each week on Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm on Adventure Alley.  We will be talking about Hunting, Fishing, Tailgating, Sports, and Sports bars and Micro Brews so get in on the fun!

New Shows Thursdays at: (Rebroadcasts daily)

3:00 PM  MST 9:00 PM MST


Join financial expert Rick Stevens for "DAD CFO" and discover simple financial truths that will help you build a secure financial foundation for your family’s future. Rick invites fathers just like you in as guests to discuss strategies for taking the edge off monetary stress.

New Shows Tuesdays at: (Rebroadcasts daily)

10:00 AM  MST 4:00 PM  MST

Detectives & Mystery

Remastered Detective and Mystery Shows. Subscription based broadcasts.

Mad Crane

Coming Soon.

About The iB Network

The Internet Broadcasting Network is a “Social Impact” or “Conscious Capitalism” internet radio network. Which means that we have designed into The Internet Broadcasting Network, a way to fill a social need within our local and in part, global communities. Radio Broadcasting is all about "listening". So In our case 33% of all our total earned advertising dollars are dedicated to help enrich children who have hearing loss or severe hearing challenges. We know businesses need to advertise and the choices are many... As a listener we want you to know that when a business advertises on The Internet Broadcasting Network they are GIVING THE GIFT OF SOUND TO A CHILD.

What we do for you

Results Driven Media

We use the powerful demographics of social media and Facebook Advertising to place our sponsors, broadcast programs and news worthy content directly in front of 100% of the right people. This new media science is called “Narrow Casting” and is extremely effective.

Proven Technology

We have been producing audio content for the the internet and social media since 2009. We use professional equipment and skill to make our shows fun and easy to listen to, and share and enjoy week after week. We have created special Facebook audiences and marketing processes that work, and are able to build new audiences and partners for each new show..

Award Winning Talent

We have award winning audio commercial sound design, script writing, and media production capabilities, that can be to your service. Our experts have worked for, and with organizations such as Focus on The Family, The Navigators, Mathew Ward, Intellitec College, the Truth Network and others. We would love to help you with your next project.

Top Performance

We know there are a lot of other internet broadcasting and media businesses out there. Everything from large personalized vanity radio shows that you call into to record your show, to independent podcasters. Now with Facebook LIVE, everyone is attempting to make their mark. The good news for you is that have been broadcasting and streaming to the internet since 2009. We have profession grade studio production equipment and the high-quality production expertise you would expect to create that exceptional audio listening experience.

Welcome to The Internet Broadcasting Network

Dedicated to producing, sharing and syndicating entertaining and engaging audio content through the power of the internet. An internet radio network of stations and shows headquartered in Colorado Springs. Radio, Podcasts, and Live Streams. .


Host your own show


Based out of Colorado Springs, Internet radio broadcasting on the" iB" is the perfect way get your message out in a dynamic, effective and timely way.  You will gain credibility as “the expert” by showcasing your knowledge and capabilities to your listeners and followers. We will empower you to become the host of your very own radio show by using our expertise in all aspects of producing, engineering and marketing a high quality professional sounding broadcast. You will discover that utilizing the power and flexibility of internet broadcasting can keep you in front of existing clientele, friends and family, and over time become a natural lead source for you, just by entertaining them and using your natural influence.



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